2016 Fall Semester Theme:

“Lord, Make Me A Servant!”

Christians are called to lives of Service to God, the Brethren, and the World (Rom 12:1). If we want to find out how to be true servants of God, we must look to the perfect example of servanthood…Jesus Christ.

August 23:

“Lord, make me a servant…make me like You!”

August 30:

Meeting the Physical Needs of our Brothers and Sisters

September 6:

Small Groups Service Project 1

September 13:

Meeting the Spiritual Needs of our Brothers and Sisters

September 20:

Serving the World: How can we meet their physical needs?

September 27:

Serving the World: Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ!

October 4:

Small Groups Service Project 2

October 18:

Serving in Loss

October 25:

Singing Night on Campus!

November 1:

Servants from the Bible

November 8:

Go and Do Likewise!

November 15:

Small Groups Project 3

November 29:

Ask Tim Hall a Bible Question Night