I did not grow up going to a church of Christ every Sunday. My father always took us to Catholic Church. As I grew up, I would always ask my dad questions about the things that were taught as a part of the Catholic faith. Many of the answers I received were unsatisfactory. When I got to college I faced the dilemma that all adults face at some point in their life: do I really believe what my parents were telling me to believe? For me the answer was no. I searched for the answers to my questions about faith and finally found them at Central church of Christ in Johnson City, where I was baptized a little over a year and a half ago.

Whether it is after high school graduation, at the beginning of college, or after college graduation, eventually everyone leaves the shelter of their parents’ faith and has to make the most important decision of their life on their own. Because being baptized is a continuing decision, that is, choosing to live righteously every day (see Matt. 7:21), if a person was baptized while living at home they still must continue to make that most important decision every day.

This decision is more complicated than choosing to go keep going to church, or choosing to attend a college group like 7:08 ministries (not that those are bad decisions). It is about standing up for the things that you believe the Bible says in a world where the Bible seems to no longer be people’s moral code. It is about how you deal with making friends who may not believe exactly what you believe, and what you do when they try to pressure you into doing things you know to be wrong. It is about how you work (be it school work or professional work) with others who may ridicule you simply because of what you believe.

Sometimes we can seclude ourselves and only interact with people who believe the same things that we do. There is nothing wrong with this. However you cannot accomplish this seclusion for your entire life. Eventually, no matter how hard you try; you will have to interact with people with different beliefs. What will you choose to do?


–Vincent Meninno


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