September 10, 2013, 708 Ministries, Johnson City, TN

What are the effects, if any, of watching things on video / Internet that contain content that the Bible defines as “ungodly” or immoral? Does it have any effect at all? The Bible says “yes”.

Proverbs 4:23 – The wise man urged his readers to guard their hearts (minds) with all vigilance. Everything we say or do originates in our hearts.

Mark 7:20-22 – Jesus warned that sinful actions find their origins in our hearts. But how did those wrong thoughts get into our hearts in the first place?

A need to carefully filter what goes into our minds:

Matthew 6:22,23 – “The eye is the lamp of the body”. If our eye is “bad”, we have big problems! Jesus clearly is warning that we must not have a desire to look upon sinful things.

Psalm 101:3,4 – The psalmist declared that he would remove all sinful things from his view; in that way, “it shall not cling to me”. This passage is so relevant to our world today; Christians must determine not to go looking for sinful things, nor to dwell on them when we inadvertently stumble upon them.

But is it enough to stop watching / reading sinful things?

Luke 11:24-26 – Jesus told of someone whose life was freed from demon-possession. But because no effort was made (apparently) to fill the void, the demon later returned – with seven other demons!

2 Timothy 2:22 – Yes, we are to flee youthful passions; but we must also “pursue” good things in our lives (righteousness, faith, love, peace). “Pursue” is from dioko, a Greek word which is also translated as “persecute”. We are to “chase down” the good things, and thus fill the void.

One other recommendation for guarding the mind:

Matthew 26:41 – “Watch and pray” was the advice Jesus gave to His disciples. By looking to God daily, we make it more certain that our minds are guarded from evil influences.

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