By: Dustin Humphreys

This year will mark 11 years since I was first introduced to High Rock Bible Camp and when I first set foot at HRBC I had no idea that my life would change so drastically! So, in honor of my 11 years of association with HRBC, I want to offer you 11 reasons why YOU should be both excited about and plan on going to High Rock Bible Camp this summer!

It’s a place where the Scriptures are taught

HRBC’s number one goal has always been to provide doctrinally sound, Biblical teaching at every session of camp. This is a goal that has always exceeded my expectations over the years, even if I didn’t realize the quality of every speaker when I was younger. As I grow older and look back at all of the great Bible teachers that have spoken at HRBC I realize how blessed I am to have been a part of it! That is why High Rock Bible Camp’s emphasis on sound Bible teaching will always be my number one reason for going to summer camp!

Spirit surges

Who doesn’t like to receive little notes of encouragement from friends? The concept is simple: write your name on a clothes pin then put it on the line in alphabetical order and watch the encouragement flow! This is a concept that would make Barnabas proud!

Free Time

Ahhh…. Free time! Its that time of the day where you can choose what you want to do for a couple hours. Whether it is just hanging out with friends, playing sports or board games, putting in some extra work on your arts and crafts project, or learning new songs in the chapel it’s a time to grow closer to one another and have fun while doing it!

Arts and Crafts

With amazing staff that puts in hours of work and planning, who wouldn’t be excited about Arts and Crafts! From Dirty Thursday T-shirts to decorating planks of wood with our favorite Bible verse to stepping-stones that still line the path to the Chapel. You never know what fun craft is going to be planned for this year! Can’t wait to find out!

Cabin Inspections

You wanna talk about zany, crazy and downright outlandish behavior? That wouldn’t even begin to describe the level of commitment that some staff put into their cabin inspector characters! With a different theme each day of Pre-Teen Week campers try their best to impress, flatter and sometimes even bribe (with candy) the cabin inspectors into choosing their cabin as the cleanest and most creative one! With such perks as being first in line at chow time, who wouldn’t want their cabin to win??

Scavenger Hunt

A Mattress, toothpaste, one blue shoe, someone willing to shave their head, someone who knows all of the weeks memory verses, a mouth full of mouth wash, a cell phone (IT’S A TRAP), finger nail clippers, a HRBC T-shirt from a previous year, and a fan??? Plan accordingly; you never know what they’re going to ask for at the HRBC scavenger hunt!

Late Night Blackout Chapel Singing

No lights, no distractions, only the sound of voices blending in praise to our God! The beauty is in its simplicity!

It’s a place to get away from the world and all of its distractions

How often do the troubles of this world get the best of us? You can’t even watch TV, get on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with out having temptation thrown in your face. HRBC is a place to get away from all of the world’s distractions and “recharge your spiritual batteries.”

It’s a place to learn the value of the Church

Where does the Church fit into a society that values the individual more than the community? Where the idea of “what can I do to better myself” is more important than the idea of “what can I do to better the Church?” Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with self-improvement, and HRBC strives to teach campers that improving the Church starts with improving ourselves. At HRBC campers and staff learn the importance of the Church and community in their Christian walks. Christians need to be around other Christians! I thank God for the Church and I thank God for HRBC!

It’s a place to make lifetime friends

I can state this as a fact: that about half of my closest friends I either met at HRBC or they are involved with HRBC! It is a place where you will make lifelong connections with people of the same mind who are striving for the same goal! Friends are people who hold you accountable and want to see you improve! The reason that I am faithful today is because many of the friends that I have made at HRBC have constantly encouraged me and continue to hold me accountable for my actions!

It’s a place where Lives are changed

11 years ago when I first came to HRBC I was just thinking about all of the fun that I was going to have and all of the friends that I was going to make. I didn’t realize that that summer I was going to make one of the most important decisions of my life. 11 years ago in July, I obeyed the Gospel and put on Christ in Baptism right there in the Chapel at HRBC! How do I know that HRBC changes lives? Because it changed mine! HRBC planted the seed, the Church watered, but God gave the increase!

There you have it! 11 reasons that you should be as pumped about Summer Camp at HRBC as I am! Let’s make this year the best one ever!

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